Satisfaction Guarantee / Trial and returns

Refund Policies


We take pride in our products and guarantee that everything that leaves our shop meets the highest industry standards, is thoroughly inspected and meets our quality standards.


We try to choose the most beautiful pieces of wood possible. The knots and imperfections are the characteristics of the wood.


Each piece of furniture is unique and different.



You have the right to change your mind!


Cancel or change an order without charge up to 10 days after placing it.


How to do it: contact customer service by email with your order number and wait for our confirmation within 5 days. You will be refunded according to the original method of payment. Please allow 5 to 10 days before receiving your payment.



Your satisfaction is important to us!


30 days satisfaction guarantee upon receipt of the order, which will be refunded after inspection if needed. The furniture must be in its original condition (no scratches, no marks or stains).


How to do it: contact customer service by email, mentioning your order number. We will contact you within 5 days to find out the reason for your dissatisfaction and arrange for the recovery of the furniture and its refund.


Certain conditions apply:

  • You will be charged a shipping fee (the same as your delivery).
    Minimum 105$.
  • If the furniture was picked up in our workshop or delivered by an external carrier, you will have to return it at your expense. Once the furniture has been returned to our warehouse and the inspection has been carried out, a refund will be sent to you according to the original method of payment (please allow up to 10 days for this).
  • No returns or refunds on furniture affected by a manufacturing defect. We will replace or repair it.
  • No returns or refunds on custom-made furniture except in case of a manufacturing defect.
  • No returns or refunds on discounted or promotional items (the manufacturer’s warranty still applies).
  • The warranty does not apply to certain commercial orders or orders involving a large number of items.
  • If the furniture in question has defects due to wear and tear (scratches, marks, stains, etc.), we charge a $150 reconditioning fee to allow you to return the furniture anyway. The evaluation remains at our discretion.


Promotion / Sale:

*The law does not require us to grant a discount on orders placed before a promotion is put in place.


We still choose to grant you the discount within 10 days of placing your order.